How to earn free Bitcoins

We explained before what are Bitcoins and why they are useful. Now, in this article, we will see how to earn free Bitcoins.

First of all, we need to know where to store the Bitcoins that we will earn. And for it, we have different kind of wallets. A wallet is the virtual (or not) place where we will store the Bitcoins. In this case, we will only see the virtual alternatives.

  • wallet. The traditional wallet for bitcoin and the one that I use daily.
  • Copay. It’s also good to start with this one. And it has a clean interface with different functionalities.
  • Airbitz it is also a good choice to start.

There are other wallets around there, some of them better and with more functionalities, but is not what we try to achieve now.

Once you have selected the wallet you want, lets get into generating free Bitcoins.

The method that I use the most, and is the most effective for me (this is a personal opinion after using that for years), is writing captchas for money (dollars) and extract them as Bitcoins to your wallet. The link is this one: (I give myself as a reference. If you support me, go ahead).

You can create an account immediately and start to work as soon as you want. Is a fast way to earn some Bitcoins at the beginning. I know it can be tedious, but if you put your patience, then you can make some good Bitcoins.

The second possibility is through faucets. Faucets are webs or applications that give Bitcoins for being in their webs or using their apps. How do they earn money? Simple, is full of ads everywhere, all the time.

The Faucets that I like the most are applications that let you play different games (full of ads) but allow you to earn some decent amount of Bitcoins. If you are lucky you can even get the bigger prizes as it happened to me already several times.

The link is this one: (I also give my refferal number).

Once you are in the applications or writing the captchas, you should write the wallet ID code, like that you will receive the Bitcoins directly in your wallet.

The MOST IMPORTANT here to understand is that you will not be a millionaire with those tricks, but you can get into the Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies world just by giving some of your free time to it.

I do this for free. If you want to support me, I leave here my Bitcoin address: 16FEdNoKRGrvPcCM7AFGpyh6kzXJv63AxK




What is Bitcoin?

If you are here it is because something about Bitcoin called your attention. For those who doesn’t know, Bitcoin is a virtual currency. A virtual currency that its different from all the other currencies all around the world; and it’s part of the same group of currencies that exist only in a virtual way. They are named as “cryptocurrencies”.

From where does Bitcoin acquire its value? We have different reasons. (The order does not define the importance of the reasons)

  • First:

Bitcoin allows you to freely send money wherever you are in the planet to another person with almost no delay. This is one of the main differences with the credit cards that have fees and the transaction cannot be instantly sometimes.

  • Second:

Bitcoin does not depend on any central bank in the world. Nobody can say, from one day to the other, that there will be endless bitcoins for anybody, creating inflation and in consequence a drop in its value . There is a limit to its supply: 21.000.000 (21 Million bitcoins) that will be all mined (I will explain what it means later, but basically the way bitcoins are created) in the year 2140.

  • Third:

Related with the second point, is that nobody knows who you are and what you do with the Bitcoins. It is an anonymous way to make transactions. No state, central bank, or anybody can control or regulate the free flow of bitcoins, unless they will shut down the internet or forbidden all the wallets around (we call wallets the place where we can store our Bitcoins. They can be a hardware device or a software).

Now that we do know now what a Bitcoin is, the next step is to know how we can acquire them. That’s why I will explain you in another post.

Keep an eye on the web today!

I do this for free. If you want to support me, I leave here my Bitcoin address: 16FEdNoKRGrvPcCM7AFGpyh6kzXJv63AxK